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Bua Tod: Kan Eang’s Top Signature Dish

Bua Tod, signature menu at Kan Eang resturant

What is Bua Tod?

BUA TOD (เบือทอด) is a local Southern Thai food. The word “เบือ – Bua” means a flat, minimal shape in the local southern Thai language. It is the batter fried waterweed with shrimp served with a sweet, sour, and slightly spicy dipping sauce. It is known for its crispy texture and unique flavor.

Story of Bua Tod

It is a genuine southern Thai cuisine. It can also be called the snack of Phuket. The main ingredient which is waterweed can be found only in the southern part of Thailand. It has several names. Some refer to it as Chong grass (freshwater seaweed). It is also known as Garuda leaves or Cha-Plu leaves, a rare plant that grows in a flowing stream of clear water or in standing water that is extremely clean. Garuda is a freshwater plant and frequently relies on streams and clear-water canals. The leaves are long and thin. It has brownish-green leaves. 

Grass Chong or Garuda is an aquatic plant known for its ability to relieve internal heat, expel phlegm, act as a diuretic, treat kidney problems, and neutralize toxins. It is considered a delicious and healthy addition to the menu.

It is a plant that accurately depicts the manner of life of former Phuket residents. This is because Phuket used to be heavily mined. As a result, it is commonly found in ancient mine pits that have been flooded with pure water. Chong grass, a native ingredient, was introduced to produce the Bua Tod menu that we see today based on prior generations’ expertise. Sharing Bua Tod is a social activity that is often accompanied by chats and companionship, reflecting Thailand’s community dining tradition.

How to Eat Bua Tod?

It is served as an appetizer in most restaurants. You can also eat it as a snack or a side dish. You can eat it with steamed rice too. 

At Kan Eang we serve it with home-made tamarind dipping sauce. Bua Tod is a popular  Southern Thai snack, available at street food booths, local markets, and restaurants around the Southern part of Thailand. It is also a popular Thai culinary tradition, appearing at festivities, family reunions, and informal get-togethers.

How to prepare Bua Tod

How Bua Tod is prepared?

The first thing you have to find is the Grauda (Freshwater seaweed). This type of plant will grow beautifully! For now, to prepare Bua Tod, it has to be soaked in flour seasoned with spices and then deep fried in hot oil, set as a base, and then the batter-dipped shrimp on top.

Fry until golden and crispy to get the best taste. Although the food is cooked deep fried, Kan Eang uses premium oil and doesn’t use the oil over and over again making it healthy to serve. Although making the Bua Tod appears simple, the quality components used in the dish are critical. You must obtain great green freshwater seaweed and use a fresh catch of shrimp, quality batter, and oil.

Bua Tod_ signature menu at Kan Eang

Kan Eang’s signature taste

Bua Tod is both a signature and popular dish of Kan Eang. It is also the most recommended menu by online reviews. It is crispy and has the natural sweet taste of the shrimp. The shrimp we use are big enough to fill your mouth with a single bite.

It is served with homemade sauce made from chili with tamarind sauce which is the secret recipe of Kan Eang. You will find the traditional sweet and sour taste of our restaurant recipe. It’s one of the original menu items a must-order every time you visit.  Anyone who has tried once will love it forever.

So we have given this menu as a dish that you shouldn’t miss when you come to Kan Eang restaurant, At Peer. Kan Eang is known for its fresh and premium seafood. We love to serve you our signature taste in our legendary restaurant.