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Experience the Best Signature Cuisines

signature Grilled Jack Fish at Kan Eang

Phuket’s Freshest Seafood

Kan Eang has been recognized for its fresh signature seafood since 1973. We acquire our seafood straight from local fishermen who catch it fresh. It is a must-go place for every seafood lover both locals and foreigners who would like to try the freshest signature seafood and authentic Thai cuisine.   

Meal with a Legendary story  

Once you go to Kan Eang, there is one dish you shouldn’t miss to try. That is Grilled Jack Fish which has a great story behind it. 50 years ago, Kan Eang opened a little thatched-roof restaurant near the entrance route to Chalong Pier. Fishermen sell their freshly caught fish to the shop. Later Kan Eang’s grilled Jack Fish became famous all around the Chalong. It was the beginning of the Kan Eang restaurant today.

Pla Mong or Jack Fish is a sea fish which has a firm texture and natural sweet taste. The technique is to gently grill it with coconut husk adding a smoky flavor to the fish, allowing the fish to slowly cook, and remain juicy. Our grilled fish has a naturally sweet texture and it’s served with tamarind sauce. Kan Eang handed its signature recipes and legacy through generations and is now 51 years of age and still a place winning both local and visitors’ hearts. 

Cooking signature grilled Jack Fish

Customer’s favorite signature dishes

Kan Eang’s original signature dish, which the customers love, is “Bua Tod,” a batter-fried freshwater weed with shrimp. Freshwater weed is the major component of this cuisine. They are rare plants that develop in streams with pure water running through them. We combined it with flour, cooked fresh shrimp, and served with a sweet and sour secret sauce. It is crunchy as soon as you bite and you will taste the sweetness of the fresh shrimp when you chew. Kan Eang’s secret sauce adds the perfect match to the taste which makes it a must-try meal that you should not miss.

If you would like to try the next Kan Eang signature, try “Hor Mok” which is a steamed curry fish mousse wrapped in a banana leaf parcel. It is prepared from fresh mackerel mixed with southern curry paste and the first pressed premium coconut milk which is freshly steamed daily.  Hor Mok is juicy and soft in texture and has rich and fresh flavors. It is better to eat as an appetizer or you can eat it with steamed rice too.  Whoever tries the Hor Mok can’t help trying next time. 

signature menu at Kan Eang

Beyond Thai Taste 

With the dedication to serving the freshest fish, the kitchen has included Japanese delicacies such as sashimi, sushi, and teppanyaki. Later, it introduced the European-style preparation of seafood and meat dishes. Tiger prawn sashimi is a must-try dish for all sashimi lovers. You will taste the freshness of the tiger prawn which is directly sourced from the Andaman Sea.Lobster baked in garlic butter becomes a must-try signature dish too. 

We also developed Kan Eang’s style hot pot and smoked shrimp salad with lemongrass as our Thai Dishes. When you go to Kan Eang and look for recommended soup, Kan Eang’s style of spicy chicken soup is worth trying. With the taste of spicy chicken is easy to chew and will melt in your mouth. If you are feeling lost your appetite, just try spicy chicken soup. It will stimulate your appetite. Kan Eang’s next unique thing is you can enjoy the seafood with different cooking methods allowing you to select meals based on your tastes.  

Best atmosphere to enjoy signature dish

In addition, the cozy and relaxing atmosphere made the Kan Eang famous to this day which matches its name “feeling at ease”. You can enjoy the sea view of the Andaman and breathe the fresh air of the sea while enjoying the signature dishes at Kan Eang. So, don’t forget to come to Kan Eang to enjoy the view and the best signature dishes. We always welcome you with the freshest and most delicious authentic Thai cuisine.