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Perfect Spot for Family Bonding Over Seafood

Happy Family dinner at Kan Eang

Spending quality time with family is indeed important for everyone’s well-being. No matter how busy and how hard life hits, don’t forget to give time to your family because family is the only treasure that you can get once in a lifetime. If you are already planning to have dinner with your family in a lovely setting, Kan Eang must be a good choice for you. 

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Ambiance of Togetherness

Kan Eang restaurant is really large and has a family-friendly atmosphere. There are two dining areas, indoors with airconditioning which is good for gatherings, and outdoors dining area which is the best to enjoy the sea view. You can request the table arrangement according to your group sizes. 

As you walk around the restaurant area, you will get the warm and calm vibes. Kan Eang has an atmosphere of relaxation and makes you feel at home.  Kan Eang’s open-air space offers a refreshing sense of freedom, with a wide, open layout that invites the sea breeze and the beauty of nature. The breeze will softly blow in your face, giving all of the family members a peaceful mood, and transporting you back to your most joyful memories. The sound of the tides gently lapping the shores blends harmoniously with the sweet laughter from the family tables. 

Unique Vibes Day and Night (1)

Unique Vibes Day and Night 

Whether you have your lunch or dinner, Kan Eang’s atmosphere provides you with a unique experience and feeling.  If you are coming for lunch here, you may sit under the canopy with the shadow of the big tree covering the heat and sun rays being in direct touch. If the weather is fine, you may see the blue sky and the sea reflecting the sky twinkling like little stars. This atmosphere also creates the best backdrop for taking the most stunning family photos.

If you decide to have an early dinner at Kan Eang, you may see the stunning sunset of the Andaman Sea. As the sky transforms into a canvas of brilliant hues, it mirrors the warmth and affection shared by families, creating a moment that feels intimate and timeless. The environment is best to have a conversation with your family. At night, you may enjoy the live band together with your family. 

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Where Memories Are Made

Kan Eang, with over 50 years of history, has been a place for countless cherished memories. Now, it’s your turn to create unforgettable moments of your own. Make your special days even more special at Kan Eang. When you celebrate at Kan Eang, our staff will gather wearing special clothes to sing a birthday song for you, accompanied by a cheerful shaker and a small drum. Kan Eang is the ideal venue to celebrate life’s most wonderful milestones, whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or simply a gorgeous evening.

Family Dinner at Kan Eang

Family-Friendly Menu

Kan Eang offers the freshest seafood which is really tasty and good for your health. Kan Eang’s meals are ideal to eat with a group which makes it family-friendly. Your kids will enjoy the food too. The best thing to eat with family is the seafood platters. Sharing the delicious platters is a wonderful way to show care and love, bringing everyone closer together over a meal. At Kan Eang, you may order Andaman Seafood platters to experience the true freshness of what the Andaman Sea delivers. The platters include crabs, lobsters, tiger prawn sashimi, and a variety of other seafood. 

Don’t forget to try Kan Eang’s signature too. A Spicy Chicken Soup is also enough for the small family to make them full. It is not very spicy but its spiciness is perfect for stimulating the appetite. Our other signature “Hor Mok” is also a perfect combo with steamed rice. 

To enjoy the family dinner seamlessly without having any distractions, don’t forget to book it ahead before you come to Kan Eang. Staff are also attentive and always willing to help you to have the best day.

Kan Eang offers a unique opportunity to spend quality time with your family in a beautiful setting enjoying the quality seafood. The combination of delicious meals, a relaxing atmosphere, and a stunning location makes it the perfect spot for family bonding. Don’t miss the chance to have dinner and create lasting memories with your loved ones. We’re always warmly welcome to make your family gathering truly special having the best dining experience.