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Songkran Party Revelry at Kan Eang @ Pier in Phuket

Festival Fun

For an unbeatable combination of the excitement of festival celebrations and scenic tropical bliss, it’s hard to top the water festival festivities at Kan Eang @ Pier in Phuket. The beautiful seaside venue transforms into a party central during the Thai New Year holiday, offering the ultimate Songkran experience.

Kan Eang is a restaurant, bar, and event space located right on the water in Chalong Bay. It is the prime location on the pier making it one of the premier spots in Phuket to ring in Songkran. With its amazing annual foam party and annual water festival, it starts from April 13th to 15th, and Kan Eang goes into full party mode with a massive three-day blowout.

Songkran Blessing
Songkran Blessing

The festivities kick off each afternoon around 1 pm with traditional Thai music and dance performances to set the stage. But it did not take long for the waterworks and revelry to commence, as visitors started to show up to get the fun started, we started with games and then it moved on to water. By 2 pm, the streets around the pier are a chaotic scene of water gun battles, beer drinking, and music pumping from the sound system. All while everyone screaming and enjoying the water activities around the pier.

Kan Eang’s layout provides the perfect theater for the Songkran shenanigans with various vantage points to douse (or be drenched by) fellow festivalgoers. The pier swarms with partiers armed with buckets of water and water guns engaged in full-scale activities. Meanwhile, people move to the dining area for a temporary respite of food and sipping cocktails and ice-cold beers. That is until they get summoned back into the fray, of fun out on the pier and the streets.

As the afternoon turns into evening and the sun begins to set giving everyone a beautiful view of the most amazing hues, the energy only escalates even more as more partiers arrive in their most colorful beachwear ready to join in on the madness. The open-air bar on the pier level becomes the nexus of the party with DJs spinning beats and partygoers swarming the area to drink and dance amidst the sprayed water and foam.

Songkran celebration
Songkran celebration

One of the best features of Kan Eang during Songkran is that you can take a break from the debauchery at any time by getting something to eat or a nice drink just to relax for a bit from all of the water activities. Or regain your stamina before the next round of water warfare, by taking time to listen the live DJ at the premises.

As the party rages on late into the night and well past midnight each evening. Thai youth join the foreign revelers in a scene of pure excitement. Tables get cleared away for a nice dancefloor, impromptu conga lines wind their way through the venue, and inhibitions dissolve in favor of joyous hedonism. Just giving all of the visitors an amazing time to have during this special holiday here in Phuket and all around Thailand.

The beauty of Kan Eang @ Pier is that while the festivities do reach a feverish peak, there’s never a sense of overcrowding or feeling penned in. The open-air layout and waterfront location provide a sense of atmosphere and grand spectacle that make the party feel extra special. Come and enjoy the games and water dunking that we put on here at or amazing restaurant during the Songkran year.

Songkran fun & games
Songkran fun & games

Whether you are in the midst of the water crossfire or sitting back and observing, it’s an endlessly entertaining scene to take in. Refreshments and snack vendors rave about to keep everyone hydrated and fueled. Here at Kan Eang, the party will go on until closing time, so we welcome all to come and enjoy the fun with us under the red umbrellas. There are even beer pong and flip cup stations available for some drinking game action.

Yet for as wild as the celebrations get, the vibe at Kan Eang always remains upbeat and joyous without any sense of danger or aggressive behavior. Chalk it up to the spirit of Songkran and the sublime waterfront surroundings that keep everyone in a celebratory mood. Friendly Thai security staff are also ever-present to ensure things don’t get out of hand.

After three straight days of rowdy Songkran chaos at Kan Eang, you’ll be ready to detox with a few days of R&R on the beach. It is an essential bucket list experience for anyone visiting Songkran.