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Unforgettable Sunsets & Delicious Dining

Kan Eang's night view after the sunset

Best time to Dine at Kan Eang

Are you the one who would like to enjoy the best scenery of Chalong Bay, including the sea view and the sunset? If so, the period before sunset is the most suitable for you to dine at Kan Eang.  However, Every part of the day is the best time to dine at Kan Eang because it is an all-day restaurant that opens from 10 AM to 11 PM daily. So you can go and enjoy a meal at Kan Eang’s day or night. It also has a unique vibe and distinct atmosphere during the day and the night. 

Sunset over the Andaman Sea

Sunsets over the Andaman Sea

When the sun is setting, over the Andaman Sea, the sky creates vibrant colors and creates a natural painting in the sky. Little boats sailing across the sea and you may find some boats resting at Chalong Pier. Birds are returning to their nests to relax and sleep. All those elements contribute to the spectacular sunset view at the Kan Eang. 

You can enjoy your drink and the breathtaking views while healing your mind & soul. Sounds of tides and gentle blows of a breeze create the most calming and chilling atmosphere. You can breathe the fresh air of the sea and breathe out all your stresses. Live Jazz music plays the best rhythms matching with the sounds of tides and delights all your senses. 

Night view at Kan Eang After the Sunset

Night view at Kan Eang

Kan Eang at Pier has a stunning view at night with a different atmosphere after the sun sets. When the sky is darker, the lights are opened and the restaurant feels alive again. Famous singers frequently sing at Kan Eang as a live performance so you can listen to the music while enjoying your meal. While you are having your dinner and looking again through the sea, you may find the dim light on the Chalong Pier making you feel a nostalgic feeling. 

Must-try dinner at Kan Eang

Must-try dishes for Sunset Dinner 

Kan Eang is famous not just for its view but also for its freshest and delicious menus. If you want to try the freshest seafood in Phuket, Kan Eang is the must-visit restaurant. The restaurant has also handed its greatest recipes down through generations, and it is now 50 years old.

When you visit the greatest seafood restaurant in Phuket, why not taste the seafood, right? Try the Kan Eang’s signature, Buar Tod – batter fried freshwater weed with shrimp as an appetizer. Also, try the Jack Fish Coconut Husk with BBQ which is Kan Eang’s original. It’s juicy and has a few smoky flavors served with homemade Tamarind sauce. The tom kha gai – chicken in coconut milk – is one of the best in Phuket and you should not miss it too. Kan Eang also has a wide selection of wine and cocktails so you can relax with a glass of wine after you have finished your dinner. 

Family dining at Kan Eang

Chit-Chat with your Family or Partner 

Kan Eang is also a family-friendly restaurant that has large family tables. It gives you a warm, homely feeling. Making conversation and reconnecting with your partner or family after a long day is the best thing you might want to do while enjoying your delicious dinner and outstanding sunset view. Just make small talk about the old memories and create new memories. You can also have a romantic time with your partners talking about the future of you two and enjoy the dinner. 

Yes, you should appreciate the present moments but also capture those moments because memories are reflected through photographs. In this way, you will have a fantastic experience for your special sunset dinner with your family or your partner. Kan Eang is also recommended by hotels.com.  So, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Kan Eang when you are living or visiting around Phuket.