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Delicious Flavors with Stunning Sea View

Dine with a view at Kan Eang

Are you looking for an open-air restaurant to enjoy the best scenic view of the sea and the freshest seafood? Kan Eang at Pier has everything you need. Kan Eang at Pier is the perfect blend of the most gorgeous atmosphere and mouth-watering cuisine with the stunning Andaman Sea view located near Chalong Pier in Phuket.

A place to calm you down

As soon as you enter Kan Eang restaurant, you will be transported to a place where your nostalgic feeling awaits. Kan Eang is like a seaside oasis and a zen-like place that keeps you calm down even if you have stress and pressure. It is a location where you may feel at home and escape the everyday anxiety of life. The atmosphere is so chill and even walking around the restaurant gives you the vibes of peacefulness.

The restaurant has beautiful fish contained in a tank that resembles a lake. Choose your table near the seaside if you want to experience the breathtaking view of the Andaman Sea. You may sit under the canopy below the shade of large trees that will keep you cool on sunny days.

sea view at Kan Eang

Unique view of the Andaman Sea

Kan Eang is located right next to the Andaman Sea near the famous Chalong Pier where the starting point of most island-hopping adventures. The seats are positioned near the windy sea. You will have a gentle and cool breeze while you are having the best local seafood in Phuket. 

Whether it’s a sunny and beautiful afternoon or a panoramic sunset, the view of the Andaman Sea is never disappointing and always breathtaking. If the weather is fine in the afternoon, you may see the sparkling water and blue sky above the ocean, providing an ideal background for selfies and photoshoots. It is also the best moment to have a lunch.    

Looking through the sea, you can see yachts and speedboats traveling to and from the Chalong Pier. It’s like watching the modern art. The sound of lapping waves on the shores creates the best harmony with the breeze.

sunet at Kan Eang

Timing for the perfect dinner

Most people reserve tables for the early dinner in the evening to enjoy the most pleasant view of the sea and the best local seafood of Phuket at Kan Eang. In the evening, you will have a chance to see the most beautiful sunset over the horizon of the Andaman Sea. The panoramic view of the sunset paints the sky with vibrant color and creates the most pleasing scenery of the Andaman.

This lovely and amazing environment will heal your spirit and remove the chaos in your thoughts. The atmosphere after sunset is also pleasant and peaceful. The view of the Andaman Sea at Kan Eang is the absolute wonder of Mother Nature. At the same time, you can enjoy lovely live music, which adds a unique element to the setting, making it a true paradise. 

From ocean to plate

From Ocean to Plate

The restaurant has been serving the best flavors of the ocean for over 50 years. It serves local specialty dishes such as Grilled Jack Fish, which was the first renowned menu and the beginning of this iconic restaurant, and “Hor Mok” steamed fish curry mousse wrapped in a banana leaf. 

Kan Eang is well-known for its freshest seafood. If you enjoy seafood and want to experience the local taste with the freshness of Phuket, Kan Eang is a must-visit restaurant. Kan Eang is a restaurant that local recommends to foreigners because of its delicious menu and amazing sea view. Kan Eang’s seafood is particularly fresh because it comes straight from local fishermen’s fresh catch. It serves a wide range of Thai meals, seafood, Japanese and Western cuisine. It caters to a diverse set of tastes. 

Kan Eang is the finest place to relax with a lovely sea breeze and delicious food. Enjoy it with your family or friends and savor the relaxing feelings at Kan Eang. It is a must-see place for anybody looking for a beautiful view, a soothing ambiance, or delicious local seafood. Don’t miss the chance to create the most memorable memories and enjoy the wonderful experience at Kan Eang at Pier.