About Kan Eang @Pier

Phuket’s Best Seaside Restaurant – Chalong, Phuket

Kan Eang today is a place of relaxation and always has been. Back in 1973, the restaurant’s owner, Mr. Chamnan Prachantabutr, would catch fish by day and barbecue them with his friends as the sun dipped below the horizon. From those humble early days to the best Phuket seafood restaurant today, where the same special barbecue methods are used.

The Pachantabutr have never stopped putting their heart into their beautiful eatery, updating its look and style over the years, transforming it into the classy Kan Eang |@| Pier you see today. That’s why it is one of the most romantic restaurants in Phuket. A place fit for any occasion.

Aside from its lovely seaside atmosphere and classy design, what keeps locals and tourists coming back is the quality and range of cuisine on our menus. Our core is, of course, the seafood and authentic Thai dishes from all over the country, but that is only the beginning. Flip through our menu and you’ll find Japanese food, with sushi, sashimi, tempura, and more all made from the freshest ingredients possible. Elsewhere you’ll see easy western snack choices such as sandwiches, and delicious deserts.