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Indulge in the Most Must-Visit Seafood Experience in Phuket

Kan Eang @ Pier Seafood Restaurant

Must-Visit Destination

As you dine in on the Must-Visit seafood restaurant in Phuket. You are enriched in the beauty and history of one of the best restaurants in Chalong. You soon are taking away on some of the most indulgent cuisine your taste buds have ever endured. An endless parade of amazing cuisines give you the satisfaction on why Kan Eang is the number one seafood restaurant to visit in Phuket. Here is where you can see the most beautiful sunsets on the island all while indulging on some of the most delicious food that there is in Phuket.

If this sparks visions of iconic island dining, a table at legendary Kan Eang seafood restaurant that you should visit on your vacation on the island of Phuket. Just minutes from postcard-perfect Patong Beach, Kan Eang’s sprawling yet rustic pier-side location lets first-time visitors soak in dreamy Andaman vistas while enjoying the freshest seafood and legendary Thai hospitality. Thai hospitality is what Kan Eang offers while our crew and staff offers the best service to you as you dine in our diner.

Must-Visit Dining
Must-Visit Dining

While renovated over its 40-year reign, the family-run venue retains quaint touches like thatched-roof salas and handpainted mosaic floors that amplify laidback tropical charm. Culinary experts masterfully balance herbs, spices and the freshest snapper, shrimp, crab and lobster flown in daily to honor Kan Eang’s longstanding hallmark of quality execution. Here is where we cater to you and what you want to endure when it comes to savoring your cuisine and having the time of your life while on vacation on the island of Phuket.

Yet generations-old family recipes stand the true test of time here earning Kan Eang honors among Phuket’s top 5 seafood destinations. Culinary experts masterfully balance herbs, spices and fresh seafood flown in daily to honor Kan Eang’s longstanding hallmark of quality execution. Diners might find Italian pastas, Indian tandooris or Indonesian satay skewers gracing tables as well catering to global palates, that will give them a taste of every type of cuisine from around the world. Giving the visitors the best experiences of seafood platters and seafood buffets to satisfy every visitors needs that is dining with us on our iconic venue.

Must-Visit Dining Buffet
Must-Visit Dining Buffet

The atmosphere magically transports guests oceanside in any weather. As unforgettable as the cuisine remains the cinema-like visuals exclusive to this west-facing open-air venue. Sunsets ignite muted purples and coral hues banding across the horizon in stunning fashion. Mind expanded from soaking up the venue’s unobstructed natural beauty reflecting Phuket’s rich landscape and seafaring heritage.

And bellies satisfied by heirloom recipes fusing culinary traditions across Asia executed impeccably courtesy of the most skilled chefs. Giving you the most delectable seafood and other worldwide cuisines that they have to offer in the diner. Here is where you can enjoy the best local seafood in Thailand.

Must-Visit iconic Pier
Must-Visit iconic Pier

So if your Phuket fantasy involves feasting like royalty on fresh seafood while you wiggle your toes in the sand, make a beeline to iconic Kan Eang. Their generations-old recipes partnered with an unrivaled beachfront setting makes for destination dining at its finest. Kids and parents can enjoy some of the most joyus food and drinks and the sunsets amongst the beautiful stars. You can enjoy your anniversary dinners or honeymoon vacations.

Belly up to the bar for sunset spritzers or simply lounge the evening away letting beachside breezes and crashing waves soundtrack a magical meal. Watching the sunset while sipping on some iconic drinks or some sweet desserts from our menu and bar. For first-timers and returnees alike, Kan Eang always delivers inspired flavors and fantasy-worthy tropical dining, we even have live music and some iconic events.


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